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Note: This article contains spoilers for Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Ever since gave up on trying to make a direct sequel to the sleeper hit (which his company Bad Robot produced), he decided to continue the story through an unconventional method: by interlocking original movies with the monster movie.

The experiment worked, as evidenced by the success of and the sudden interest in what has been dubbed the "Clover-Verse." Now, Abrams has set his sights on yet another original movie that could help expand the world and lore of Cloverfield - and this time, it has Nazis in it.

Of Lords And Nazi Monsters

is an upcoming horror movie set during World War II, but with a supernatural twist to it. After being dropped behind enemy lines during the eve of D-Day, American paratroopers enter a Nazi occupied town while conducting a routine operation. Only there do they discover the dark and deadly secrets perpetrated by the Nazis on the townspeople.

Jovan Adepo and Wyatt Russell are set to headline Overlord. The movie was written by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith, and directed by Julius Avery.

Left to right: Adepo and Russell [Credit: Paramount Pictures/Sony Pictures]
Left to right: Adepo and Russell [Credit: Paramount Pictures/Sony Pictures]

Overlord was just recently acquired by Bad Robot, as confirmed in a Tweet from Jeff Sneider of The Tracking Board. This latest development has led many to speculate that Overlord would be integrated into the Clover-Verse in some capacity.

Check out the Tweet below.

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The Cloverfield Connection

By its setting alone, Overlord would serve as the informal prequel to Cloverfield - unless time travel becomes a part of the equation. If Overlord does take place before the events of Cloverfield, the supernatural element could either come from the same place as the aliens of 10 Cloverfield Lane, or it could serve as their point of origin.

(Watch a clip from CLoverfield below.)

It's possible that the "supernatural" element being experimented on is actually a form of alien technology that the Nazis mistook for the occult, and this would tie-in with the Cloverfield movies' grounded take on sci-fi.

Factor in the other movie that has been confirmed to be a part of the Clover-Verse, the upcoming space-bound horror movie , and Nazis mistaking fallen alien technology for a gift from the gods makes a lot more sense. God Particle will follow a space station's crew fighting for their lives after they make a horrifying discovery following the Earth's mysterious disappearance.

Both movies carry the same belief that humanity is not alone in the universe as revealed in the ending of 10 Cloverfield Lane, where the existence of aliens was all but confirmed.

'10 Cloverfield Lane' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'10 Cloverfield Lane' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

It's still unclear how these movies will connect to one another since only the bare minimum has been revealed. As unorthodox as its method of continuity may be, the Clover-Verse is currently telling an interconnected story in a creative way for a film franchise. Seeing how it chooses to expand is something worth waiting for.

How do you think the movies of the 'Clover-Verse' are connected?


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