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Jessie Howells

World War Z appears to be reaching viewers in very different ways. You may therefore agree with this article or adamantly disagree with it. I personally found it funnier than many comedies I have watched on my seemingly endless summer vacation. Why do I think this and why may you hear stifled laughter when watching it? That I hope to answer.

But before I go any further, I must say that the first section of World War Z is amazing and could be a film of its own right. It is action packed, if a little cheesy, however to quote Bob Grimm “in its final act, it totally craps out.” From when they crash land, for reasons I am not gonna spoil, the film falls flat on its face. It was from the crash landing that I found myself in laughing fits. Now let’s get onto the two main reasons why.

The zombie genre is an incredibly muddied pool, with each year seeing many directors attempt to revitalize it. With World War Z, we see yet another attempt. And this particular reincarnation of the undead seems rather stupid. In large hordes at the start of the film, the wave-like masses of zombies are terrifying, as they climb over one another towards their next meal. However in the claustrophobic ending, the individual zombies seemed to me reminiscent of my Grandmother’s parrot or a documentary about dinosaurs; they squawk, cock their heads and clack their teeth, and to be honest in between my snorting out bursts I felt rather sorry for the poor extras. They were a step too far, an unnecessary step away from what had worked for other movies and TV shows. The heavy breathing, groaning, limb dragging zombie has been terrifying us for years. Therefore perhaps this was one area that should have been left alone. The ending of this film has been changed, the ending you will see the lesser of two evils.

Nathan Birch reveals the ending that got scrapped: “ goes to Russia and is immediately conscripted into the army. A year passes and a bearded Brad Pitt is now a rugged zombie killing machine! Giant zombie battles ensue, then Brad discovers zombies are susceptible to cold (like uh, all organic beings) and the zombies are defeated. Because they got chilly.”

The resolution of the film is however still bad and laugh worthy. Were we supposed to accept that the best way to cure the Zombie apocalypse is to make the world’s surviving population terminally ill? To add insult to injury we watch as children await packages of scarlet fever or some other horrifying diseases to infect their family with. This may for some have been a satisfying ending but I think for such a big film it left us with way to many questions.

This film is worth seeing for the beginning alone, and I am telling all my friends to buy tickets. For die hard Zombie fans, you will get your fix, but I think this film with all the money spent on it ends up being a huge hilarious disappointment. The first half tempts us in, while the second half leaves you asking why you allowed yourself to follow along. This is a good picture, but the ending of this film needed another rewrite before I would buy it on DVD. Did you find the film funny or do you disagree with me? Hit the comments box.


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