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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

In recent news regarding massive wads of cash, World War Z has pulled in more money than a gold rush in an oil reserve. 's latest movie has made more money than any film the star has ever been in. Ever. World War Z pulled over an incredible $500 million in box office takings. The zombie spectacular has not only beaten Pitt's other movies, but gnawed, savaged and ripped the entrails out of them. 's Troy did a respectable $497 mill, but Mr & Mrs Smith only managed $186.3 million. However, due to the fact that Mr & Mrs Jolie-Pitt got together on set, one suspects the spy comedy miiiight take the edge in emotional value for him. You can't put a price on , can you?

World War Z's mammoth takings must have been a big relief for Pitt, having been the star and producer of the movie with his company, Plan B. The movie cost $220 million to make, so big bucks were required to merely break even. Most worryingly, merciless, screaming zombie hordes have nothing on critics when it comes to tearing apart summer blockbusters: Pitt may have wept tears of gratitude when his apocalyptic zombie baby was not subject to the ridicule thrown at After Earth and the flopadelic The Lone Ranger.

A World War Z sequel is very much in the pipeline, probably starring Brad Pitt and again in the lead roles.

So, in summation, Paramount are very happy bunnies indeed, and now Brad and Angelina can just buy up a couple of countries rather than going through the hassle of flying out there to pick children personally. Result!



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