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World War Z might not be topping anyone's Best Movie of 2013 list, but I think it's fair to say it did relatively well considering its extremely turbulent production.

Furthermore, it is also the highest grossing movie of 's entire career. With this in mind it is hardly surprising that a sequel has been commissioned. Although Pitt looks set to return, World War Z's director, , has decided to pass the baton. Now, IndieWire is reporting that relative newcomer will helm the World War Z Sequel.

This will certainly the biggest project of Bayona's career with his previous English language work including The Orphanage and 2012's The Impossible. As of yet, there appears to be no writers attached to the project, although according to Pitt, ideas have been ciculating and Bayona is expected to oversee their development.

What do you think? Are you glad a new director has taken over the franchise? Drop your opinions below.

Source: IndieWire

Source: IndieWire


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