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Alisha Grauso

Actor/comedian is everything I love in comedy, mostly because he is the voice for those of us with nerdy tendencies and is completely unabashed in his geekiness. He's also a fine actor in his own right, most notably in television (such as this season of Justified) and voiceover work.

But might he be enticed to do something on the big screen again? Say... a Marvel movie? Like you even needed to ask. Of course he would. MTV Geek recently caught up with the funnyman and it's clear he's given this a lot of thought. Like, a lot:

And lest you think he's just jumping on the "comic books are cool" bandwagon, let me assure you, he's a dyed-in-the-wool comic junkie, who even has his own project going on with Dark Horse:

Plus, this was his Halloween costume last year. True story:

Yeah, buddy. That's my kinda people, right there. Which Marvel villain would be a fit for him? Duke it out in the comments and let us know.



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