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Sophie Atkinson

We've all gone through an ugly duckling phase at some stage in our lives, right? Whether from puppy fat, or being forced to sport specs or braces, most of us can admit that we didn't look our best as teens. Ian Somerhalder recently revealed he was the exception to this, and has had it in the looks department from day one!

He shared a smoldering shot from his glory days as a teen model, proving that he must have been a heartbreaker at high school.

Ian's currently shooting new action thriller The Anomaly in London, though he seemed to have some free time on his hands on the film set recently, spending the afternoon tweeting pictures of himself doing his own make up (see below) and of his younger modelling days.

Ian's lucky make up artist Harriet got to spend the afternoon with the photogenic star as she worked on his look for the new film.

"Probably a bad idea to do my own makeup... @harrietmakeup will take over from here.Poor woman has to deal with me in character all day. Kick ass day in beautiful London" the actor tweeted.

Don't worry, Ian! We're sure Harriet's not complaining about having to spend lots of time in close proximity to you!

The star then shared a picture of himself as a teen model under the hashtag 'ThrowbackThursdays' - clearly enjoying a moment of nostalgia.

Wowzer. I can honestly say that there were no sixteen year olds who looked like that at my high school! Mind you, that's probably for the best - I wouldn't have stood a chance of passing any exams with a stone cold fox like Ian Somerhalder in class distracting me with his baby blues.

What do you think - was Ian hotter then or now? Drop me a line below.


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