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This year, the internet's obsession with creepy clowns has reached an all time high, while showing no signs of slowing down. One of the most shocking and recognizable faces (or masks) to participate in this clown craze is Florida's very own Wrinkles, who describes himself as "just an old guy with too much time on his hands." Over the past several months he's been caught peaking through windows, terrorizing children on the phone, stalking Pokémon GO players in South Florida, and most recently gracing late night viewers with his presence on Adult Swim.

Press play and you can spot Wrinkles at the 8:22 mark.

Now, the internet's favorite creepy clown has caught the attention of a somewhat classier celebrity client, none other than GQ magazine. Taking a break from style and grooming, GQ took a trip to the swamps and sat down with the clown prince of South Florida himself. In the interview Wrinkles opens up about his newly acquired internet fame, his origins as well as how he's made a business out of terrorizing children. It's been a while since his last interview, and since then Wrinkles has been up to quite a bit. Check out what the man behind the mask had to say and read the full interview below.

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'What Inspired Wrinkles?'

"No matter where you are from, there is some story about "that guy" that will get you if you're being bad. When I was a kid, I was scared to death of the Sandman. My father told me that if I stayed out past the time the street lights came on, the Sandman would get me and I'd never see the light of day again. That scared me until I was old enough to start chasing pussy."

'I Know Someone Started A Kickstarter For A Documentary About You. Can You Tell Us If That's Still Happening?'

"A couple of guys approached me about a documentary, but nothing really came of it. Recently I've been talking with another production company in LA, and they seem to be much more put-together and motivated about doing a picture. We'll see how that goes."

'Will You Be Very Busy On Halloween?'

"Halloween is always a busy time. Not just the day of, but the whole month leading up to it. Last two years I was down in some fancy schmancy neighborhood in Naples, but this year I have a private party I'm doing for some big wig in town..."


Would you watch a film about Wrinkles The Clown?

You can read the full interview with GQ here, and If you want an even closer look at Wrinkles, check out the Google+ page that actually tracks his whereabouts. If you get lucky enough to catch him, report your sightings to the official @spotwrinkles Twitter handle.

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