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What do a fictional hacker, a crack head and a group of intergalactic insurgents have in common? They're all decidedly anti-, according to their writers.

In the post-Donald Trump presidency fallout, countless celebrities have voiced their opposition to the notorious new president, with some figures going so far as to put the faces of their characters behind their protest.


It should come as no surprise that Elliot Alderson, the leader a fictitious anti-establishment hacker ring, would be opposed to a right-wing president who also owns one of the biggest corporations in the world. But creator Sam Esmail has gone one step further and "leaked" the confirmation from Season 3:

Esmail has been incredibly vocal on social media surrounding the election, actively engaging quite a few of his followers in debate, and it's unclear whether the script leak is entirely legitimate or an attempt to support his argument in the midst of a Twitter feud. Regardless, he has also stated that even a world controlled by Evil Corp "isn't as dark as this reality we're currently in":

"I pictured Trump when I wrote Elliot's monologue on the 1%. A lot of Evil Corp was shot at Trump Tower."

The "1% monologue" is most likely a reference to this intro from the very first episode of Mr Robot:

More on Trump's win:

But Esmail isn't the only one protesting online. The Alliance Starbird has become a symbol of hope not only in a galaxy far, far away, but for those feeling the weight of Trump's victory. fans first appropriated the symbol with the added detail of a safety pin, a subtle signal worn by those in support of immigrants after the Brexit vote. The altered Rebel Alliance insignia has gained the official approval of screenwriters Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta, who shared the image.

The picture is now re-circulating in the wake of Trump's presidential win. In a tweet that has now been deleted, Whitta likened America's current political state to the plot of Rogue One:

Dave Chappelle decided to reunite some of his most beloved characters for an anti-Trump, pro- mashup. The characters haven't been seen since Chappelle's Show finished ten years ago. Despite being initially reluctant to feature them in a skit, Chappelle said that his motivation for bringing them back was Negan's brutal debut on The Walking Dead.

While Chappelle's Negan impersonation is pretty spot on, it's the political spin that gives his characters a fresh angle for 2016. Conservative white anchorman Chuck Taylor has gotten behind the "All Lives Matter" counter-movement, while blind white supremacist Clayton Bigsby— who is actually black— is sporting Trump's signature "Make America Great Again" baseball cap.


But surprisingly, it's a Lucille'd Tyrone who delivers an inspiring message of hope and solidarity:

"And that is how we as a nation begin to heal, through laughing together."

What do you think of writers using their characters to protest Donald Trump?

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