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There are some moments in kids movies we adults just scratch our heads at. Whether it's violence, crude humor or just bizarre storytelling, kids movies tend to be in a league of their own. Here I take a look at five of those moments in kids movies that just make us say "WTF."

5. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Tim Burton's 2005 take on the classic Roald Dahl book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was full of strange events that just made you say, "Wait, what?" One of the creepiest being the burning puppet scene. What starts off as a cute (still a little creepy) introductory to Willy Wonka's factory ends up catching fire (possibly on purpose) as Johnny Depp's odd character watches, amused.

4. The Emperor's New Groove

We all know that most Disney movies have pretty messed up stories. Very few characters have both parents and the characters are often facing moral dilemmas, dangerous situations and very evil villains. The premise of The Emperor's New Groove is very questionable in itself. Yzma wants to kill Cuzco to become the Empress. Pretty messed up, right?! Furthermore, Yzma orders her "evil" henchman Kronk to poison him and then get rid of the body in a river where he would have fallen to certain death.

3. Alice In Wonderland

Another Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland is even stranger (and more trippy) than the original classic Disney version of Lewis Carroll's tale. The Mad Hatter and his futterwacken may have been one of the strangest, most random, and most unimportant additions to any movie I've seen, but the WTF moment comes from the Queen of Hearts. First of all, her giant, disproportionate head is extremely odd; and second, her penchant for chopping of heads is slightly terrifying.

We see early on that she even had the King of Hearts's head chopped off and dumped in the moat surrounding her castle. The creepiest moment in the film comes when Alice, shrunken down to miniature form, uses the floating heads to cross the moat to get to the queen's castle. (Not to mention she killed the poor frog over some tarts. Not cool.)

2. Coraline

The 2009 animated film Coraline was one of those movies that was so odd and creepy that it ended up being extremely enjoyable. Young Coraline is sick of her boring life and upon finding a door to another dimension, discovers a world of fun. Her "other mother" in this new world is everything her real mom is not: fun, playful and attentive to what Coraline wants. In order for Coraline to stay in the other world, the other mother has to take her eyes out and replace them with buttons. After Coraline refuses, the world starts to dissolve and the other mother is not exactly what she seems. If you ask me, this scene is a completely terrifying.

1. The Santa Clause

The 1994 hit Christmas movie The Santa Clause has stood the test of time as one of our favorite holiday films. Tim Allen is hilarious as Scott Calvin, a father who finds Santa on his roof on Christmas Eve with his young son Charlie. They startle Santa so badly that he slips and falls off the roof. Yup. They killed Santa.


Which of these WTF moments do you like the best?


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