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When we think of superheroes we think of muscle-bound, square-jawed men and women. If anything, has taught us that this not always the case. However, when we choose who we want to see play our favorite characters on the big screen, our minds typically take us right back to the stereotypical superhero.

So where do you go to find these heroes? How about the WWE? I know casting professional wrestlers in movies isn’t always a popular opinion, but when it comes to Marvel it has worked before. If you say Drax isn’t one of your favorite characters in the , you’re lying to us and yourself, and you might need a hug. Drax can help with that.

So let’s go back to that barely-tested well. Here are five WWE Superstars and the Marvel characters that they could play:

5. Dean Ambrose As Moon Knight

The Lunatic Fringe not only has the look but already has the gimmick too. He already plays a crazy guy, now he just has to develop a multiple personality disorder. Ambrose is one of the strongest talkers in the WWE today and that could translate very well into this role. Fans have wanted to see join the MCU for some time and he has been the focus of many fancasts. Ambrose would be an outside-the-box choice for sure, but I think he fits the mold.

4. Bayley As Squirrel Girl

OK, so this one isn’t the typical muscle-bound, square-jawed hero, but look at Bayley — she’s adorable. Her character is adorable. It makes perfect sense that she would play a character called Squirrel Girl. Like Bayley’s character, is deceivingly tough and has beaten some of the most well known villains out there. Sounds like a great fit to me.

3. The Rock As Wonder Man

This is one that I have wanted to see for awhile. Come on — big guy, mega star, goes off to Hollywood to become even bigger. The Rock and Wonder Man check all of those boxes. I know he’s set to join the as , but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t do both. Besides, this is all fantasy booking anyway. See what I did there?

2. Braun Strowman As Terrax The Tamer

See above. Do I have to explain this one? Alright, fine. Terrax is one of the Heralds of Galactus, a giant intimidating monster, and a near unbeatable force that has terrorized the Marvel Universe. Stroman is a follower of Bray Wyatt, a, well, a giant intimidating monster, and a near unbeatable force that has terrorized the WWE. Casting done.

1. Tyler Breeze As The Sentry

Prince Pretty has the perfect look for this role. In fact, I’m not sure you can find anyone else out there that looks more like Robbie Reynolds. The only problem is, Breeze usually plays the villain while The Sentry is a hero. No wait, he is a villain. Nope, hero again. OK now he just broke down crying. I’m confused. OK he’s an awesome hero again. Yeah, I think Breeze can make this work. The Sentry is an incredibly complex character, but Breeze has been a convincing heel for years and I think he deserves a shot to show he can be the good guy.

Small disclaimer: I know there are some better choices to play these characters. There are loads of choices with more acting experience, but who’s to say these entertainers don’t deserve a shot?

Ever wonder what your favorite wrestlers looked like before they were famous?

What WWE Superstars do you think would be a good fit for the MCU?


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