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Patty Jenkins' is a phenomenon. Putting its impressive box office returns aside, every aspect of the film –– from its story, to Diana's characterization –– have been met with nothing but praise. The best part about the film however, was the impact it had on millions of fans around the world.

Overall, Diana has served as an inspiration to a whole lot of people ever since her big screen debut, and now, we have this latest trend to prove it:

Note: This post contains moderate spoilers for Wonder Woman from this point on.

'Wonder Woman' Just Started A Unique Trend

Near the end of Wonder Woman, Diana goes to a German ball undercover, with the intention of killing General Ludendorff, whom she believes is Ares, the God of War. To accomplish this, she hides her Godkiller sword behind her back by sheathing it in her formal gown. While she doesn't get to use it at that moment, the imagery of her stalking purposefully toward her prey caused quite an impact on fans.

Hundreds of women have started sharing pictures on social media of themselves recreating that moment with the hashtag . Here are some of the coolest out there:

This picture was particularly awesome. The Twitter user revealed she got a sword tattoo on her back in 2009, and was determined to show it off during her 2016 wedding. Fortunately, it came in handy for the Wonder Woman hashtag party:

Not Everyone Is Using Swords, Though

The pictures weren't limited to showcasing only swords. There were some really inventive fans. This one for example, traded Wonder Woman's sword for Harley Quinn' s trusty mallet:

Here are other cool examples of fans using other artifacts for their photos:

Hmm, I'm not too sure about the two above. There's just something about carrying a lightsaber on your back that doesn't scream safe.

Earlier this month, Chris Hemsworth and had a fun discussion about the outcome of a Wonder Woman vs. Thor fight on Twitter. In light of that, this fan's weapon of choice is quite appropriate:

Behind the action and colorful costumes, superheroes are inspirational symbols, and this new sword trend Wonder is just further proof of how much an empowering female superhero like was needed on screen. If you want to relive the awesome experience that was Wonder Woman, the movie is currently in theaters, so go catch it.

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