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The second season of Syfy's Wynonna Earp is charging towards its finale, with only one episode left before the Earp sisters face off (hopefully not literally) against the twisted sister wives. As Waverly, Wynonna and company raced to save Nicole from the widow's bite, Waverly made the ultimate ill-advised move, handing the third seal over to her enemy in exchange for the antidote. Nicole was saved, but Wynonna and Waverly's relationship was struck a major blow.

In typical Wynonna Earp fashion, the hits weren't quite done coming, as Waverly's solo dealing led to the Blacksmith's sister taking possession of the demon-possessed trophy and wishing Wynonna out of existence. Doc was dropped back in the well after trying to save Wynonna, and everyone else seems to have completely forgotten she existed.

The promo doles out an unnerving It's a Wonderful Life vibe, revealing some Purgatory residents (of the supernatural variety) do remember Wynonna, while others don't, which leads to some burning questions.

'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]
'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]

1. What About Willa?

In a world without Wynonna, anything is possible. Sad to say our girl has been responsible for a lot of carnage, including a couple members of her immediate family. Last season saw Willa Earp seemingly return from the grave, only to turn out to be pretty darn evil and more than a little insane. After abandoning her demon beau, Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) to his fate, Willa walked across the line and the hate in her heart unleashed a terrifying snake monster. Wynonna ended her sister's suffering via bullet to the head, but if Wynonna was never the heir, and Waverly isn't an Earp, could we see Willa return in full "Heir Mode"? Willa's character was a tough one, as Waverly's recollections of pre-kidnapped Willa revealed that she was never a nice girl, but the chance to see an adult Willa as she was meant to be (a hero) could make the entire episode a 43-minute block of solid gold.

2. Speaking Of Dispatched Earps

Another family member felled by Wynonna's Peacemaker skills is, of course, Ward Earp, her father. He wasn't in a particularly great position before Wynonna (accidentally) shot him, but considering the sequence of events could be wildly different in a Wynonna-free world, perhaps Ward Earp is alive and still the heir.

The previous heir was apparently an alcoholic wife-beater, a little nugget of information Willa dropped on Wynonna last season that had only previously been hinted at. So, if Ward Earp rears his living head next week it'll be intense to see his relationship with his family. Unless, that is, he was killed by revenants some other time, which seems pretty likely.

'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]
'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]

3. Mother, Can You Hear?

One important person in Wynonna and Waverly's lives that we've never seen is their long-missing mother. Apparently still alive even in the Wynonna-timeline, Mama Earp allegedly abandoned her three young daughters to said alcoholic husband. One gets the feeling that creator Emily Andras is waiting to drop that particular bomb, so perhaps she'll still be absent this season. However, since Waverly is apparently getting married to someone next week, it's possible the long-lost mysterious mother might drop in to Purgatory after all. If she does, perhaps she can clear up once and for all who Waverly's dad really is (it's totally Bobo, come on).

4. The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Be Human

The promo indicates that not only does Doc Holliday remember Wynonna, but Widow Mercedes does too. Doc may have gained protection by grabbing the trophy at the last second, but the same cannot be said for The Widows. If the demon trophy doesn't affect The Widows, does that mean it might not affect other powerful supernatural beings? The average revenant (stupid Carl, for instance) might be whammied, but someone like Bobo Del Rey could be vital in helping Doc bring our girl back home. This begs the question:

'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]
'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]

5. Where In The World Is Bobo Del Rey?

If Ward or Willa hasn't managed to off the clever revenant in the Wynonna-free world, he should be floating around somewhere nearby, plotting away. Even if this world has killed Bobo off, our world hasn't. The Widows don't seem to have been affected by Wynonna's sudden disappearance, and the recently resurrected badass Bobo has been suspiciously absent for two weeks now since his dramatic, snowy re-entrance.

The promo shows Doc in the well and out of the well — did he climb out on his own? Or, did Bobo finally decide to fish him out of there after realizing the world isn't quite as he left it? If Bobo is lying low, trying to get the seals and stop The Widows himself (a possibility hinted at by the demon Doc was playing cards with in the last episode being a bit too interested in Shorty's basement), Wynonna's sudden disappearing act might complicate whatever he has cooking.

Retrieving Doc and striking a deal to get Wynonna back would certainly lead to a surprising and delightful team-up for the contentious duo after a hundred-plus years of trying to screw one another over. There would also be some poetry to Robert Svane (Bobo Del Rey) and Doc Holliday at last joining forces for the sake of an Earp, harkening back to how the two men met. While they could not work together when devoted to Wyatt Earp, perhaps they could now find some common ground to assist his descendant. Robert Svane thought Wynonna was an angel, but the question remains: How does Bobo Del Rey feel?

Next week's episode may draw lines in the sand between our heroes and villains that stretch into seasons to come. There's no question Doc will succeed in bringing Wynonna back — after all, the show is — but how he does it, who helps him, and what the eventual fallout may be between the team is yet to be seen.

Waverly and Wynonna will have a long road to travel to get to forgiveness and trust. Not to mention Dolls revealed he backed Waverly's play, and Wynonna won't forgive or forget that easily. The Widows have the third seal and aren't wasting any time in using it to resurrect their demonic husband, Clootie, the very demon Bobo originally sacrificed himself to stop and who cursed the Earps in the first place.

There are plenty of players to account for, and where they ultimately are positioned in the finale may be decided by next week's take on the "what if?" scenario. Here's hoping our heroes end up back where they belong: shoulder-to-shoulder and ready to kick ass. However, taking into account all the sharp twists and turns this season has lobbed our way, you may not want to hold your breath.

Check out the promo and leave your burning questions in the comments below!


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