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Rumors have been swirling about Fox's next film about ’s favorite mutants, allegedly titled-X-Men: Supernova. The most popular theory so far is that the story will revolve around Jean Grey and the Dark Phoenix Saga, essentially making the movie that X-Men: The Last Stand (X3) should've been.

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While fans would appreciate Phoenix's story being told correctly, there are many other mutants from the previous films who deserve to be properly depicted. The producers should take notes from how Deadpool breathed new life into Wade Wilson after the disaster of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (and also finally got Colossus right), and apply those same techniques to these other underutilized characters.

1. Bishop

I'd like to express my utter disappointment at the depiction of one of the coolest mutants from the 22nd Century: Lucas Bishop. The way Days of Future Past relegated him to an ancillary glorified extra was saddening. Omar Sy looked fantastic, but that's pretty much it, because he was killed by the Sentinels.

In the comics, the energy-absorbing, gun-toting mutant time traveler became an official X-Man under Storm after arriving from a post apocalyptic world in an effort to save mutant-kind. When things got rough, Bishop made it his business to protect Xavier from the evil clone of Cable, Stryfe. Not only does Bishop deserve better, but so does actor Omar Sy.

2. The Morlocks

The sad fact is that the Morlocks story arc was glossed over — well, it wasn’t really told at all. They're a group of mutants living in the underground tunnels of New York. They were founded and led by Callisto until her battle with Storm cost her the group. Sadly we never got to see that story play out in The Last Stand.

The Morlocks play a pivotal role with Mister Sinister, who introduces Gambit. So, while we are getting yet another Phoenix arc, how’s about you give us the Morlocks done right?

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3. Juggernaut

No offense to Vinnie Jones, but Cain Marko was probably one of the more forgettable characters in the original X-Men movies. Vinnie’s portrayal wasn’t the problem; it's that he was used as nothing more than a battering ram.

In the comics, Cain is perhaps the most physically powerful mutant and happens to be Professor X’s stepbrother. (Where was that in First Class?) Anywho, he’s powered by Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and his run-ins with the X-Men are classic.

Cain has also teamed up with the X-Men from time to time, like in the battle against Onslaught. He even joined the Avengers at one point.

4. Jubilee

Fans of the '90s animated series would really appreciate a proper film introduction to Jubilee. In the , the youngest X-Man was most famous for her role as Wolverine’s sidekick. She had a unique style and wore her emotions on the sleeve of her famous yellow jacket.

After her truly forgettable appearances in the original film trilogy (played by Katrina Florece and Kea Wong), Jubilee was featured more in Apocalypse. Teen actress Lana Condon did her best, but was overshadowed and underutilized. In fact, the scene that was supposed to show off her awesomeness was instead relegated to the DVD.

5. Mystique

Jennifer Lawrence plays the younger version of our favorite scaly blue terrorist, a role originated by Rebecca Romijn. But she’s hardly been the Mystique fans have come to know and love.

The angle with Professor X and Magneto was cute. No offense to , who did a wonderful job for what Singer wanted, but it's time for a change. There needs to be more grit and pure bad assery from her character.

Plus, we have yet to see her relationship with Rogue depicted on the silver screen. Secondly, her relationship with Nightcrawler has been a mere tease at best. C’mon, we know he’s her son — just give us some payoff already! Speaking of whom...

6. Rogue

I’m still torn when it comes to Anna Paquin’s portrayal. It was Singer’s vision that the actress had to bring to life, so for that she gets an "A" for effort. Sadly, the Rogue we knew from the comics and animated series wasn’t what the director had in mind.

Rogue, in the original animated series was a powerful, sassy, captivating mutant with a Southern belle charm and an amazing power-up from draining Captain Marvel.

In the comics, Rogue would become one of the original members of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She eventually joined her former enemies, the X-Men, and fell in love with . Absolutely none of that happened in the movies.

7. Shadowcat

In the comics Kitty Pryde becomes the face of the X-Men and a leader in her own right, mentoring young mutants — though you couldn’t tell based on how she's been portrayed in the movies. It’s a shame, since Ellen Page is such a talented actress, but Shadowcat was nothing more than a tool that Singer used to send Juggernaut crashing into walls and Wolverine into the past

It was Wolverine who became the face of the X-Men in the movies. Kitty deserves better!

8. Iceman

Bobby Drake is my absolute favorite X-Man. He has earned the label of an Omega-level mutant partly thanks to Emma Frost — an opportunity missed in the original films. They got one thing right by making him the youngest member of the original group, and Shawn Ashmore did a good job, but unfortunately he never really felt like the Bobby of the comics: cocky, brash and immature.

While Ashmore's Drake was involved in a love triangle with Shadowcat and Rogue, bringing Iceman back for the new movies would also allow them to incorporate his sexuality, revealed in All-New X-Men, giving a series about diversity even more of it.

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9. Cyclops

Scott Summers is the original X-Man, and while he was depicted as the leader of the team in the original trilogy, James Mardsen's Cyclops was overshadowed by Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. He didn’t live up to his potential and was phased out, literally, until Days of Future Past brought him back for a cameo.

However, like Jean Grey's Phoenix, the younger version of Scott — played by Ty Sheridan — should be given a proper story. As the unequivocal successor to Professor X, Cyclops needs to be the focal point of the group and the movies, especially now that Jackman is retiring.No pressure, though.

Did I miss any mutants who need a do-over? Let me know in the comments below!


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