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Comic-Con was lucky enough to be graced with the presence of X-Men: Days Of Future Past this year, and director brought a hefty amount of the movie's cast along with him, including , , , , , , , and . We already knew this before the panel, but I bet that seeing that array of actors that Singer has assembled for his prequel-sequel was just...crazy.

Anyway, we've been putting the feelers out and scraped together some of the best Days of Future Past from the weekend's events. So, here's what we've got for you.

Amongst other sources, Screencrush are reporting that Game of Thrones' will indeed be playing Bolivar Trask. This had been a long time rumored since his casting and when we saw him of set looking pretty moustachy. Huge props to Singer for hiring an incredible actor based on his acting ability and not to be a character actor to fit his size. I'd rather see good acting than someone looking exactly like they are drawn in a comic book any day!

Collider is telling us some interesting stuff about the movie, too. From all the talk about the footage seen at the Panel, we got a better look at Jackman's role in the movie. Not content with leading his second solo movie in 's The Wolverine, it looks like Logan will be hogging a key role in Days Of Future Past, too. Apparently, the footage showed future leather-clad Wolverine is the one whose consciousness is sent back into the past to try to avert the impending mutant apocalypse. An over-reliance on Logan has long been fans biggest problem with Fox's X-Men franchise, so this news might disappoint many who were expecting this movie to give 's character Kitty Pryde a chance in the spotlight.

The same source is also reporting that a Deadpool movie is definitely not a no-go. When asked if such a flick might be on the horizon, Singer said:

Anything is possible. Not in this movie, but it's possible.

...And apparently he went on to say that the X-Men universe has the "room for growing and expanding the cannon", so perhaps one day...

What's more, according to JoBlo, (who is joining the cast as the somewhat controversial Quicksilver character), stated that his take on the character was that he was "very fast; talks quick, moves quick" which prompted Fassbender to add that "he's got excellent genes," eluding to the father-son aspect of Quicksilver to Magneto.

Not only did Comic-Con audiences get a glimpse of Quicksilver, but Screenrant is reporting that one of the highlights from the weekend was Beast's introduction. In the montage of footage in the trailer Comic-Con attendees got to see a glimpse of Beast in full-on feral mode. Hoult's character was given a slightly updated look for the sequel, and his trailer moment reportedly saw him losing it with Magneto, scrapping with him and slamming him into a fountain. Woah, sweet. Can't wait to see how that scene plays out!

If that wasn't enough for you to get your head around, take a look at these Days of Future Past panel discussion videos, from Cosmic Book News on YouTube:

Got anything else from Comic-Con you'd like to share? What are your hopes for Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past after getting through this lot? Let me know in the comments below!



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