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It's tricky to tackle new film technologies, especially when filmgoers have such polarizing opinions. While most people have accepted that big budget 3D filmmaking is a fact of life (and can enhance the experience, like with 's Gravity), high frame rates are still considered strange. On a basic level, it's hard to peg who they appeal to besides diehard tech and film buffs. Beyond that, you have specific PR nightmares like when 's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was released. In addition to making some people sick, the production looked so slick that it felt unreal to many people intrigued by the new format.

Now, it's being reported that 's X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be shot at 48fps like The Hobbit. Singer previously announced that he was shooting in native stereo, so this revelation is somewhat surprising. However, considering that it's also one of Fox's most expensive films ever, it makes sense.

Would you guys prefer to see DoFP at the normal 24fps or 48fps? It's interesting that they've been so coy about the format. I'm hoping they blow everyone away with high quality footage so it's not even a debate.

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