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Abi Toll

may currently be pretty famous for X-Men: Days Of Future Past - the trailer for which launches today, guys! - but let's not forget what propelled him to stardom. Singer snuck up on Hollywood like a ninja with his 1995 hit The Usual Suspects, and took to Twitter to do a Q&A about his much loved breakout movie.

Singer was challenged to lay down an alternative casting for The Usual Suspects if he were to remake the classic today, and he gamely gave a full line-up.

  • Agent Kujan ()

  • Keaton ()

  • Fenster ()

  • McManus ()

  • Hockney ()

  • Edie Finneran ()

  • Kobayashi ()

  • Verbal Kint ()

Hmmm...Not sure it would be wise to remake such a classic movie, but Singer's certainly got a good eye for respected and capable actors. Let's hope that the hordes of Benedict Cumberbatch fans won't be too disappointed when it doesn't come to fruition. Also, Singer and Cumberbatch have a spooky physical resemblance, right?



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