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Anyone who's glanced through the pages of a Marvel comic — or even caught an episode or two of the '90s animated series — knows that the Dark Phoenix Saga is the ultimate X-Men story.

For those not in the know, it goes a little something like this; Girl gets possessed by cosmic fire bird. Cosmic fire bird commits genocide. Girl's mutant friends fight her. Cosmic fire bird kills itself, kinda.

[Via Fox]
[Via Fox]

Fans have longed to see that simple, age-old story recreated on the big screen, but so far, the results have been mixed. Brett Ratner initially tackled the Dark Phoenix Saga in the critically reviled X-Men: The Last Stand, but sidelined Jean Grey's god-like ascension in favor of the mutant cure storyline and the Juggernaut, bitch.

This year, Bryan Singer touched upon the Phoenix Saga once more in X-Men: Apocalypse, reviving the fan-favorite story like... well, like a phoenix from the ashes. But news that the entire franchise is being rebooted led many to believe that Sophie Turner's Jean Grey may never reach her full, genocidal potential.

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However, rumors reported by LRM suggest that the Dark Phoenix Saga will still be the focus of the next X-Men film. Story-wise, this makes total sense. After all, X-Men: Apocalypse ended with Jean Grey finally realizing the true extent of her power, destroying the titular mutant who sought to end the world. Hints were also threaded throughout the film that suggested Jean wasn't quite in control of her gifts and that the Phoenix Force could even affect her personality. In that way then, these reports shouldn't be too surprising.

[Via Fox]
[Via Fox]

The problem, though, is that Fox just announced that the X-Men franchise is set to be rebooted following the underwhelming performance of Apocalypse. If that's the case, then how will this be handled exactly? Continuity within the X-Men franchise is harder to follow than Quicksilver on speed, and if the films are reset, this could mean that the Phoenix storyline may be rebooted for a third time.

Without the psychic abilities of Jean or Professor Xavier himself, it's still hard to judge much more this early on. However, if we had to guess, we imagine that the story of Apocalypse will be continued in the next film to a point, utilizing the younger cast members and a new director to reinvigorate the franchise without alienating those familiar with the most recent films.

[Via Fox]
[Via Fox]

One thing we are certain of, though, is that the biggest stars of the last few X-Men films are unlikely to return. Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy have all expressed a desire to leave the franchise, so it looks like the upcoming reboot will forge ahead with other actors in the key roles of Magneto, Mystique and Professor Charles Xavier instead.

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Although producer Simon Kinberg has started work on a script for the next installment in the franchise, no official confirmation has been given yet regarding plot specifics or even the nature of the reboot itself, so these Dark Phoenix reports still currently lie in the realm of rumor. Let's just hope that Hollywood finally see reason and replicate every scene from the nine-part Phoenix Saga depicted in the '90s cartoon show. Fox would basically be printing money at that point.


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