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Well, there is certainly something new over in 's camp. The terrible teen team-up is already in pre-production, but now we know the working title of the film about the youngest .

New Mutants has been ready for adaptation since 2015, but then went and slapped it right in the middle of their 2018 slate to kickstart their year of X-Men titles. While we may not have a cast, at least New Mutants has an age-appropriate working title (for now).

So, What's New

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Production Weekly has revealed that the working for New Mutants is Growing Pains. A clever title to emphasize the anguish of coming to terms with your own powers and the growing pains of putting a new team of heroes together. Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse may have tiptoed around similar ideas, but the less said about that, the better!

Since X-Men in 2000, we have seen a variety of characters accept their powers, while the first film mainly focused on Anna Paquin's young Rogue coming to terms with her future on the team. As the continuing films branched into more mature territories, it will be refreshing to return to the younger generation of Xavier's gifted mutants.

Little else is known about New Mutants, other than it is still pushing toward its spring 2018 release date. That may seem like a bit of challenge when you have no official cast yet, even if you have a team of superpowered mutants behind you. However, we must have faith in Boone.

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Casting Off

[Credit: Twitter @JoshBooneMovies]
[Credit: Twitter @JoshBooneMovies]

There are hints of who could suit up as supes though, Game of Thrones star is strongly linked to the role of hairy Wolfsbane, is all but confirmed to return as Professor Xavier, and is being tipped for the role of Cannonball. As for everyone else, it is anyone's guess; however, we do know that the roster will be coming straight from the comic books and will also be made up of Magik, Mirage, Sunspot, and Warlock.

June is still scheduled as the start of filming, so expect the wheels to start turning even faster and an announcement regarding the cast to hit news desks very soon. Elsewhere, we do know that New Mutants will tackle 1984's "Demon Bear Saga," which yes, does include a giant bear created from nightmares.

New Mutants will kick off Fox's three-mutant-film year in 2018, which will also include and . While New Mutants is the lesser known of the three films, it also has the most power to reinvent Fox's maligned slate of X-Men films since the tragedy of last year's Apocalypse.

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