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The have, throughout a long history of comic book tales, TV shows and movies, been many things. In between the allegories, metaphors and subtle meanings, though, they have also been one of popular culture's most vividly realized examples of how friends can become family, and that such an expanded family can be one of the most powerful and meaningful things in your life.

For the cast and crew of and , then, Trevor Habberstad surely was family, something that will surely make his recent death (following an eight-month battle with cancer) all the more painful. An accomplished stuntman and stunt coordinator with over two decades of experience, Habberstad had been working on movies since the age of five, and quickly became one of 's go-to child stunt performers, appearing in the likes of Face/Off, Spider-Man and Peter Pan at a young age. In the years following, he worked on some of the most successful action movies of the past decade, including The Dark Knight Rises, Star Trek Into Darkness and a whole host of projects.

Often working alongside his father, Jeff, a famed stunt coordinator, and his little brother Shane, Habberstad was considered to be one of the great up-and-coming talents of the stunt coordination world — and, according to director , was "one of the kindest people I have ever met." Singer's Instagram eulogy to Habberstad (above) is, unsurprisingly, incredibly touching.

Jeff Habberstad's words on the loss of his son, though, are both truly and utterly heartbreaking and genuinely beautiful, reflecting not only his own sense of loss, but the utter unfairness of such an untimely death:

In the wake of such a tragedy, it's difficult to look past the sense of loss that Habberstad's family must be feeling, or the brutal reality of what Jeff Habberstad terms a "nightmare." In some ways, it's impossible to do so. Yet, it's also worth noting how much Trevor Habberstad clearly meant to those who knew him, as well as how much he contributed to the cinematic world around us. It's difficult to imagine that easing any pain, or to know what it will mean in the years to come, but it is worth knowing all the same.

That, and that Trevor Habberstad will be remembered, and his loss keenly felt. He was 27.

Do you have any particularly fond memories of the movies Trevor Habberstad worked on? If so, please do share them below.

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