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Where would Hugh Jackman be if Bryan Singer hadn't cast him as Wolverine in X-Men? Over the years, Marvel's mutant franchise has played host to an impressive array of acting talent, so it comes as no surprise that the cast of the X-Men TV show is set to follow in these footsteps. Now that we know the program is called The Gifted, it's clear that each member of the cast lives up to this name, whether they're established actors or newcomers making their debut.

Join us as we break down the resume of each cast member and who their character is on the show. Remember also to check back regularly as producers Matt Nix and Bryan Singer add more familiar faces to the show. At this rate, mutants won't even be a minority anymore!

Stephen Moyer (Reed)

Previous credits: True Blood, Concussion, The Barrens

True Blood [Credit: HBO]
True Blood [Credit: HBO]

Moyer has hung up his vampire fangs and joined the franchise, playing an attorney who struggles to balance work with protecting his mutant children from the government. From what we know so far, Reed doesn't appear to have any abilities of his own, but we hope that doesn't prevent Moyer's wife, Anna Paquin, from meeting his character at some stage, reprising her role as Rogue from the movies.

Amy Acker (Kate)

Previous credits: Angel, Person of Interest, Dollhouse

Angel [Credit: Mutant Enemy Productions]
Angel [Credit: Mutant Enemy Productions]

Seasoned genre veteran Amy Acker first made a name for herself on the Buffy spin-off , but has since appeared in a host of similar shows, including Supernatural, Alias, Dollhouse, and Person Of Interest. However, it's Acker's role as Kate that could propel her back to the big leagues. Kate will be the wife of Moyer's Reed, and mother to their mutant children.

Jamie Chung (Clarice Fong/Blink)

Previous credits: Once Upon A Time, Big Hero 6, X-Men: Destiny

Once Upon A Time [Credit: ABC]
Once Upon A Time [Credit: ABC]

Jamie Chung may have started out as a reality star on MTV's The Real World: San Diego, but the prolific actress has since starred in a whole host of films and shows, even providing the voice of Aimi Yoshida in the video game X-Men: Destiny. However, we predict that Chung's role as the mutant Blink in 's pilot could turn out to be her biggest success yet.

The teleporting, pink-skinned hero is described by the producers as "sarcastic, lively and a bit of a tomboy," forced to adjust "after a sudden and traumatic upheaval of her life". While we still don't know much more than this right now, it seems as though this new incarnation of Blink will play a far more pivotal role than she ever did in her brief cameo.

Emma Dumont (Lorna Dane/Polaris)

Previous credits: Bunheads, Aquarius, Pretty Little Liars

Young actress Emma Dumont has steadily risen in the world of TV over the past few years, most recently starring opposite David Duchovny on Aquarius, but her upcoming role as Polaris (daughter of ) will likely spark a whole new level of interest. Gifted with similar magnetic powers to her father, the fan-favorite mutant brings a complex history to the show, and her inclusion raises questions of whether we'll see her extended family appear too.

Percy Hynes White (Andy)

Previous credits: Night At The Museum 3, Rupture, Edge of Winter

Night At The Museum 3 [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Night At The Museum 3 [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Fifteen-year-old actor Percy Hynes White has been a rising star for some time now, appearing in a number of smaller, acclaimed productions, so it was only a matter of time before he was cast in a show like the untitled X-Men project. White will play Andy, the son of Reed and Kate, who is "a sensitive kid and bit of a loner, who keeps to himself to avoid the turmoil he faces at school and at home".

Blair Redford (Sam)

Previous credits: Satisfaction, Switched at Birth, The Lying Game

Switched At Birth [Credit: Freeform]
Switched At Birth [Credit: Freeform]

Blair Redford may have been the first cast member announced to appear in Fox's X-Men show, but little was known about his role at first, other than that he would play someone called Sam. Since then though, it's been confirmed that Redford will take on the role of Thunderbird, who has been described as "the strong-headed Native American leader of the underground network."

As one of Marvel's first Native American superheroes, Thunderbird joined the X-Men at the same time as iconic characters such as Storm and Wolverine in the now iconic '70s revival. Unfortunately, Thunderbird's super strength didn't keep him alive for too long. However, there's also a chance that this version of the character could be inspired by his brother, James Proudstar, who eventually became a pivotal member of X-Force.

Sean Teale (Marcos Diaz/Eclipse)

Previous credits: Incorporated, Reign, Skins

Reign [Credit: The CW]
Reign [Credit: The CW]

While some of the mutants who have been cast in the untitled X-Men project are based on established comic book characters, Sean Teale's role was written specifically for the show.

Deadline described Teale's character, Marcos, as "a natural rebel compelled by circumstances to cooperate with others. Marcos is a passionate and strong-willed fighter who sometimes lets his emotions overrule reason." The report also revealed that when he works under his code-name Eclipse, Marcos can absorb and manipulate photos. Sounds a bit similar to characters like Sunspot or even Dazzler, but we'll reserve judgement until Bryan Singer's pilot airs.

Natalie Alyn Lind (Lauren)

Previous credits: Gotham, The Goldbergs, iZombie

Gotham [Credit: Fox]
Gotham [Credit: Fox]

After starring as Silver St. Cloud on DC's , sixteen-year-old actress Natalie Alyn Lind has joined the cast of the X-Men TV show as Lauren, who is described as a smart and popular teenager who suddenly discovers her mutant powers. What they are remains to be seen.

Coby Bell (Jace Turner)

Previous credits: Burn Notice, The Game, Third Watch

Burn Notice [Credit: USA Network]
Burn Notice [Credit: USA Network]

After working with Matt Nix on Burn Notice, Coby Bell has reunited with the writer/producer for a co-star role on the X-Men show, implying that he will play an important part in the story.

While there seems to be no comic book equivalent of Jace Turner, an official character description suggests that he could be one of the government officials tasked with hunting down the mutant family. The description states Turner's character is:

“A weathered man who quietly wrestles with the moral ambiguities of a job that regularly requires cold-blooded, calculating efficiency on a day-to-day basis.”

Bell's character certainly sounds villainous here, but the X-Men franchise regularly explores the grey area of morality that lies between good and evil, so Jace could very well end up taking on the kind of role usually reserved for Magneto.

Joseph Morgan (?)

Previous credits: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Immortals

The Originals [Credit: The CW]
The Originals [Credit: The CW]

Out of every character confirmed so far, we currently know the least about Joseph Morgan's mystery role, which was first revealed when cast photos were officially released on Instagram.

However, it's unlikely that the English actor will play a minor role, given his extensive experience on and The Originals. Both shows have proved to be huge hits on The CW, so we're sure that Morgan will have plenty to sink his teeth into when finally airs later this year.

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Without the psychic abilities of Professor Xavier, it's hard to predict who else will join the untitled X-Men TV show before it airs, or even when it will premiere for that matter. However, we're confident that Matt Nix and Bryan Singer will expand the franchise in the best way possible, creating the mutant show we've always longed for. The less said about Mutant X, the better.


Is TV the logical next step for the X-Men franchise?

(Sources — Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter. Poll Image Credit: Marvel Comics)


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