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Sophie Atkinson

Love supernatural phenomena? Unexplained eery high-jinks? Then you're in luck!The adaptation of The Twilight Zone is finally gaining momentum.

Perhaps the eeriest aspect of new Twilight Zone adaptation is the mysteriously vanishing staff on the film, which has been in development since all the way back in 2009.

The film is an adaptation of the cult 1959-1964 series, which consisted of unrelated stories depicting weird paranormal events Time magazine has described as 'mini masterpieces of pulp'.

First was namechecked as the writer on the production. He was then replaced by , who penned the Nelson Mandela biopic Invictus and Sherlock Holmes, starring .

Now Peckham's disappeared in a puff of smoke and is the new scribe for the moment. I'm crossing my fingers he survives – he seems like the best fit so far for the adaptation, having worked in TV before as a writer on Heroes, and being in touch with creepy high-jinks after working on the comic book series Ultimate X-Men.

There have been similar unexplained phenomena with casting a director. was originally the pick to helm the production – he seemed like a great choice, having steered similarly eery productions like Cloverfield and the romantic horror film Let Me In. He's been replaced by , who's all about the CGI, having worked on Tron: Legacy and CGI related TV commericals. I'm sure he's a decent guy and the studios know what they're doing...but doesn't Matt Reeves sound like a better fit?

This is the second adaptation of the TV series - a 1983 version was created by , , and and famously featured the John Lithgow segment Nightmare at 20,000 Feet in which an angry ghoul devours a passenger jet while an onlooker watches from inside the plane.

I'm not sure how faithfully this film will stick to the original series – the film will not be an anthology (as the 80s rendition was), but will instead tell one story with various elements from The Twilight Zone series. I hope to goodness this adaptation doesn't water down the wonderful weirdness of the original. If you're not familiar with the show, please, for your own sakes, check out an episode below - you won't regret it!



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