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When the news broke last week that was getting a reboot, fans weren't all that happy, especially when they discovered it was actually more of a remake. The original actresses were not being included, and that alone was reason enough for fans to revolt. They didn't want a Xena without and Renee O'Connor — and they might have just gotten their wish.

Emmy Award-winning writer, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, who was also the executive producer behind the reboot, has departed the series over creative differences. He gave a statement to The Mary Sue, which hints that the reboot may be on an indefinite hold:

"I’m heartbroken to have left the Xena project over insurmountable creative differences. The character is dear to me, and to millions of fans worldwide, and I truly believe that now – more than ever – a land in turmoil cries out for a hero. I truly hope that the alchemy of creative elements that has to come together to make possible either a reboot or revival of this amazing property will someday coalesce, and that Xena will return in a way that does honor to what came before while looking to the future."

It has almost been two years since NBC and NBC Universal decided to reboot the series, and the only forward motion was collaborating with Grillo-Marxuach. With him no longer associated with the project, there is little evidence to support the continuation of the new Xena series.

Originally, it was announced that Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi were also connected to the project, but there is no mention of it on Tapert's website or his Twitter.

Not surprisingly, fans don't seem upset or disturbed at Grillo-Marxuach's departure. And the battle cry for a continues on Twitter and Facebook along with various other social media outlets.

With NBC now on the lookout for another writer — if that is, indeed, the next step — fans shouldn't worry about seeing a Xena reboot anytime soon. After all, look how long it's taken to reach this stage of the game.

Do you think the Xena reboot is ever going to happen? Let me know in the comments below!

(Source: The Mary Sue)


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