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Last week, the internet went wild for Xia Vigor, a 7-year-old little popstar who's currently competing on the Philippine TV talent show Your Face Sounds Familiar (Kids). Despite ranking low in the show's weekly challenge, Xia broke the internet with her spot-on impersonation of America's sweetheart, .

Watch Xia's Tay-Tay performance below:

The young popstar snagged the attention of major global websites around the world — even Time was enamored with the pint-sized performer. Xia has also been invited to guest star on Ellen — and now we're on a quest to get Tay-Tay notice this kid.

Prior to her trending impersonation of Swift, she also won a celebrity impersonation contest on another Philippine TV show called It's Showtime as Selena Gomez. She was five years old then, and ever since, the little girl's rise to fame has been unstoppable. Selena Gomez was also the first person she impersonated in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.

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Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids — which allows kids to have fun and dress up like local and international singers — had plenty of amazeballs performances the week after Xia Vigor's internet-destroying performance. The kids get assigned which celebrities they have to impersonate at random, and this week they wowed as Rihanna, Meghan Trainor, Jessie J, Justin Bieber, and many more. However, the little sweetheart Xia totally had us all gaping in amazement when she performed onstage as Axl Rose. Her performance was truly one of the cutest and most entertaining impersonations of the night!

Isn't she amazing? She ate chocolates prior to performing, to get her voice husky like the former Guns N' Roses lead vocalist. Her turn as Taylor didn't earn her a top spot last week, but gained her international attention. However, her Axl Rose impersonation — complete with armpit hair — garnered her the number one spot for this week's challenge!

We seriously can't wait for more performance from you, Xia!


Which of Xia Vigor's performances is your favorite?


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