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If you weren't already X-Cited enough about Hugh Jackman's final time popping out his adamantium claws, well, prepare to slice it up a notch. In conjunction with the release of the final Logan trailer, Fox is offering you a chance to get your claws on an exclusive piece of merchandise, and it promises to be quite the X-travaganza.

The site 1,974 Frames of Logan is offering a lucky few (well 1,974 of you, to be exact) a way to get your hands on a limited edition, one of a kind postcard, each featuring a single frame from the final Logan trailer. When you get your postcard, simply share it under the hashtag "OneLastTime," as a fitting tribute to the end of Hugh Jackman's 17 years in the role. It should be a fun way to piece together the final trailer viral video style. However, it really is first come first served, so you better get moving, we know that Wolverine isn't a patient man!

'' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

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So, what could lie in store for us? While we sadly know that there will be no Ryan Reynolds cameo as Deadpool, could the final Logan trailer give us a glimpse of Richard E. Grant's Dr. Zander Rice? Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce? Or even more hints at the rumored death of Charles Xavier? Personally, I would just be happy for even a nostril raised sniff at Wolverine's classic costume from the comics and animated series.

The trailer will drop anytime now, so better get that yellow and black lycra back from the dry cleaners, it is tipped to possibly be the greatest X-Men film yet — sorry Brett Ratner!

Remember to visit and you can check out the R-rated trailer below!


How excited, on a scale of one to Wolverine, are you for 'Logan'?


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