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Alisha Grauso

And the freight train that is the YA supernatural romance genre just keeps chugging along, everyone. There's another movie adaptation coming to the screen, this time for the Fallen novel series.

The word out of Hollywood is that Shine director will be sitting in the director's chair for the adaptation (Indiwire). The story itself isn't adding anything new to the young adult canon, but Fallen is about as quintessentially teen as you can get. Set in the South, it tells the story of 17-year-old Luce who finds herself caught in a love triangle between two fallen angels, which somehow translates to the fate of the world hanging in the balance, with only Luce being able to save it. So, there's already a built-in market and fan base, which translates to a movie that maybe won't be as wildly successful as the Twilight or The Hunger Games franchises, but should hold its own at the box office.

No word about casting or when it will begin filming, but with a guaranteed audience and an Academy Award-nominated director already attached, it's sure to find financing and start shooting soon.


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