BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

Warning! There be spoilers ahead! Turn away now if you're into surprises.

If it ain't broke, why fix it? We're guessing that's the thinking behind sticking with a love triangle formula for Vampire Diaries, Season 5 as TV Line reports Caroline gets a second love interest in sexy new upperclassman Jesse. Since Tyler isn't able to join Caroline at Whitmore College straight away, I suspect while the cat's away, this little mouse will be free to play.

According to Spoiler TV, other new recurring characters will be introduced: Nadia, an 'emotional beautiful 20's [sic] something who has travelled the earth on a mission of vengeance', a 'nobleman’s daughter' called Tessa 'who is both powerful and insightful' and Megan, who's also in her twenties and is 'head of her class…[and] too smart for her own good'. Apaz, Megan will take a shine to Jeremy () at Mystic Falls' 1950s decade dance.

Most intriguingly, there's another fresh face in Eastern European beauty Nadia who runs into Rebeka () and Matt () in a bar in Prague while they’re vacationing and comes on to both of them. These Europeans, eh? So louche! Then she delivers 'an ominous warning to Stefan about The Originals'.

Yikes! Sounds like a bumpy ride. Will you be tuning in to Vampire Diaries Season 5?


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