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So, remember about two years ago when news broke that would be the lead in the -directed Al Capone flick titled Cicero? And at first, the internet was all, "Hell yeah!" and then a year passed with virtually no word on the project and the internet was all, "Losing interest, dudes..." and then another year passed and finally the internet was like, "There was an Al Capone movie with Tom Hardy? What?"

Well, hey, guess what? According to Deadline, that thing is still happening. Hopefully. Okay, so it's not completely dead in the water, in any case. It's just going through what is clearly an epic bout of rewriting Hell. Here's the deal: Yates is probably out, Hardy is possibly still in, but the entire project has been held up in the script revision stage. It's already changed hands three times: First, took a crack at it, then Yates himself handled the rewrite. And now it's in its third set of hands with Tom Shepherd penning another revised version of the script.

"Who the hell is Tom Shepherd?" you might be asking. Well, let me tell you: He's a waiter. Yep. He's a waiter who is finally getting his big break in the industry after his script for "Hey, Stella!" landed on Hollywood's 2012 Black List.

So...that's that. As mentioned before, Hardy in the role of Capone is still a possibility, but until then, he's going to be all up in our eyeballs in 2014 with Locke, The Drop, and Child 44 all set to be released. So those of you hoping to see Hardy get all puffy in the face for Capone have to wait a little while longer.

In the meantime, click [[follow]] and we'll make sure to bring you the latest updates on Cicero, assuming, of course, there will be more than what we've seen in the past two years.


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