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I know geekdom and fashion don't generally go hand in hand, but Rodarte has freaking NAILED IT with their Star Wars themed gems. People have a tendency to wrinkle their noses when you roll up to their wedding rocking your threadbare, greying Star Wars T-shirt, but now geekettes the world over have something more socially acceptable to aspire to. Hurrah!

Check out the geek-gasm of Star Wars joy below!

Rodartes's Star Wars themed gowns in all their glory!

How long before we find out who is the coolest actress when they rock one of these babies on the red carpet?

Yoda one that I want!

Rodarte's Star Wars obsession is pressing all my buttons. Think I've found my wedding dress!

I would jump on a bag of kittens to wear one of the ethereal creations. The bustier area might look like its made of the same fabric as one of those magic stretchy shirts you buy for $5 at a market, but the photographic prints below the belt are pure Kaiburr crystal!

I smell the sweet scent of the world's first tasteful Star Wars wedding coming our way. BOOM!

Would you guys love to rock these badass ballgowns?

(Source: Jezebel)

(Images: Daily Grind House, Jezebel via Instagram and C Net via Rodarte)



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