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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a near perfect film; it has amazing character's, thrilling battle scenes, and Darth Vader-puns. It has covered all of it's bases, and it has quickly risen to the upper echelons of Star Wars films. However, There is one category that it is severely lacking in: Yoda singing about nonsense. Luckily, the fine people over at Bad Lip Reading have you covered!

Watch Yoda's hit new single "SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)":

This isn't the first time Bad Lip Reading has covered Star Wars, their videos "BUSHES OF LOVE" and "NOT THE FUTURE" have also allowed the beloved characters of Star Wars to embrace their musical nature. These videos walk the line between arbitrary nonsense, and actually embracing the source material that they mock. "SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)" is no exception, and is a worthy addition to Bad Lip Reading's Star Wars catalog.

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Never Stop I Will

Yoda's new hit single has been sweeping the internet, and entertaining the masses. It teaches us that Yoda's natural predators are seagulls - or a seagull equivalent on Dagobah. Given that Yoda is more spry than he looks, I'm sure he would have no problem dispensing with the birds that cause him so much grief.

This song showcases Yoda's many talents that Star Wars fans weren't even aware of. We are all familiar with his ability to double as a backpack for Luke during his calisthenics training - from the iconic training scene from Empire Strikes Back. What we didn't know that Yoda is actually a dynamite percussionist - his impromptu jam session halfway through the video is one to rival Neil Peart.

Bleak The Future Looks

Over the 900 years that Yoda has been alive (maybe he's a Time Lord), he has amassed a overabundance of wisdom, that comes with being a Jedi Master. Yoda's wisdom has filled the halls of Star Wars lore, and lead to many popular quotes. One of these phrases is, "Do or do not, there is no try," which has become part of the public consciousness.

What we failed to recognize was Yoda's precognitive abilities, that are displayed in is song with his now infamous line, "One day when you are older, you could get hit by a boulder." A prediction that is bad enough, but is compounded with the follow-up prediction, "When you are screaming come help me please, seagulls will come, and poke your knees."

Don't Fall Asleep

Much like The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda's video ends on a dark note, as he threatens Luke in a round about way with his words, "Don't fall asleep." This teaches us all that if Yoda's singing is a bit pitchy, just to let it go. Although "SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)" may not be official canon, it will entertain you while your waiting for the next showing of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, that is in theaters now!


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