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For a being who was 900 years old during the events of Return of the Jedi, it's actually pretty surprising how little we currently know about the diminutive green force-phenomenon that is Master Yoda. Sure, the events of both the original trilogy and the prequels gave us a pretty solid idea of his years as a senior Jedi official, and as a swamp-dwelling eccentric — and The Clone Wars showed us just how badass a general he could be — but beyond that, Yoda largely remains a mystery, at least in the official canon.

That, though, could soon be about to change. Y'see...

Yoda's Secret History Is Finally Being Officially Revealed


Or, at least, a small chunk of it is, in the pages of Marvel's critically acclaimed and widely beloved Star Wars comic book. The flagship title of the comic book company's new Star Wars line will, with December's Star Wars #26, begin exploring Yoda's back story in a very special "interlude" issue, much as it has delved into Obi Wan's previously unseen adventures in the past. The best part? We're going to get to see just what Yoda got up to in the years immediately preceding The Phantom Menace. As writer Jason Aaron (who, alongside artist Salvador Larroca is in charge of the issue) recently revealed to

"The challenge was to do something with Yoda that we hadn’t seen before. I really wanted to see just what it was like when Yoda was going out into the galaxy and being a Jedi. This story takes place before the Clone Wars and it’s set in a world we’ve never seen before. I was always just intrigued by that idea. You know, we’ve seen Yoda as the teacher, as the wise Jedi Master, but I wanted to see Yoda just as the Jedi. So this puts him on a very unusual adventure... I don’t know if we’ve put a pin in exactly when it takes place. It does take place before 'Phantom Menace.' We do get a brief appearance by Qui-Gon and young Obi-Wan, so that’ll probably help date it."

Or, in other words — we're finally going to get to see a whole other side of Yoda, within the pages of one of the very best comic books around.

[Star Wars #26/Marvel Comics]
[Star Wars #26/Marvel Comics]

What's more, it sounds as though we're going to be seeing precisely the version of Yoda most of us fell in love with back in the original trilogy: The serious yet playful mentor with a heart made of silly putty. As Aaron puts it:

"I think he’s still pretty wise. He’s still the Yoda we know. This is a bit of a different time period for him. This is not post-'Phantom Menace,' this is not in the new rise of the Sith and the beginning of the 'Clone Wars,' so hopefully his attitude seems a little bit different. I’m always struck, when you go back and watch 'Empire,' by just how funny Yoda is, and how he messes with Luke a lot when they first meet. I like that playfulness to Yoda. So I’m trying to find a balance between the wise, serious Jedi Master and that sort of sense of playfulness.

Which...actually sounds pretty darned fantastic. Especially if Aaron and Larroca happen to throw in a touch or two of ass-kicking as well.

Now, if December could just roll around already, that'd be just great. After all, it's bringing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story along with it, too.

Want more on Rogue One while you wait? Don't worry, we've got you covered right here. In the meantime, though, what do you think about this latest Yoda-themed news? Let us know below!



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