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There has been a weird trend in Hollywood lately with movies that have long-since passed getting sequels greenlit, long after most audiences stopped thinking about the original films. This seems to be particularly prevalent in comedy, mostly because comedy is the most low-budget genre out there ("low" being relative). If you're unsure of what I mean, see: Tron: Legacy (yes, yes, I know, not a comedy), Anchorman: The Legend Continues, Beetlejuice 2, the long-rumored Ghostbusters, MacGruber 2, etc.

The latest entrant into the "Are we really resurrecting this?" fray is Dodgeball, which, even though it was made ten years ago, is getting the go-ahead for a sequel. Yep. There is a Dodgeball 2 happening, folks. The original, starring and , was made for virtually nothing and was expected to go nowhere, and then it miraculously and unexpectedly made huge bank at the box office. And then... well, and then that was it. Because it was supposed to be a self-contained, one and done movie. But with Hollywood busily reanimating the corpses of previously dead franchises and scavenging the withered carcass of the 80s for more sustenance, it's not really surprising news.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Fox Studios and star Stiller's production company Red Hour Films (seriously, does every actor in Hollywood have his or her own company?) have tapped the mostly unknown to pen the script. So it's not like we're that far into the process, but it's still more momentum than it had for the entire past decade.

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