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If Netflix gave us anything in the way of a new obsession last year, it was its '80s loving, nostalgia-immersing TV show, Stranger Things. The first season's cup did runneth over with homages to the creators' childhood faves such as Stephen King and Stand By Me, E.T. and Poltergeist; even the score oozed eighties vibes with its heavy synth sound.

It makes sense then that the merchandise would float along the same vein, and its latest item, which will be available to purchase on July 14, is nothing short of a rose-tinted wet dream: It's a cassette tape of the show's theme packaged within a VHS case.

Peek at it:

[Credit: Lakeshore Records]
[Credit: Lakeshore Records]

Bet you're stoked you kept hold of that battered, glow-in-the-dark sticker covered tape player for the last two decades now, eh?

The musicians behind the Stranger Things score — S U R V I V E — have collaborated with Urban Outfitters to create this pretty hipster "vintage" feel piece, which no doubt will be outrageously overpriced, considering the store's general offering: 200 bucks for a polaroid camera, anyone?

They do look pretty cool, though — check out the full '80s side cover below:

[Credit: Lakeshore Records]
[Credit: Lakeshore Records]

Season 2 of Stranger Things arrives on October 31.

Would you buy this Stranger Things cassette?

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