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In news I am legitimately irritated at having to write about just one day after I wrote this article breaking down Riley Keough, 's supposed new mystery girl, her publicists are telling everyone hold up, not so fast...

(cue the record scratch)

I was super-excited when it seemed as if R-Patz and were actually a definite thing, as I dared to hope it might give us here at Moviepilot a reprieve from having to write about and Rob for an entire day, thank the baby Jesus. But no. Keough's representative has gone and dumped all over my dreams of a Robsten news-free day for once. As her publicist told

Riley isn't dating Rob. And I can confirm that Riley was not photographed at all this weekend.

True. False. Cover-up. PR spin. Whatever. I don't care anymore, and I'm honestly not sure why anyone else does at this point, either. Hopefully, Rob finds someone who makes him happy, and Kristen finds someone who--well, let's be honest, that girl will never be happy ever, but maybe her career will at least pick back up again.

Rob will be in Toronto the majority of the summer filming his upcoming ensemble flick Maps to the Stars.



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