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If everyone were to choose their favorite character on The Walking Dead and who they'd most like to be, 90% would say Daryl Dixon.

The other 10% would be lying.

Sadly, as there are no roving hordes of undead to contend with (yet... and the stupid, no-fun-having government won't let us wander around in public armed with crossbows and katanas in some sort of post-apocalyptic abandon, we'll have to settle for more mundane things. Like credit cards.

THR reports that Skybound Entertainment and have teamed up to give fans of The Walking Dead something pretty awesome with a line of cards depicting scenes from 's iconic comic series. The card designs will come not from the show, but directly from the comics themselves, with scenes that are being provided by series artist Charlie Adlard himself.

The cards are prepaid Visa cards and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. The security levels on the cards are higher than in Woodbury, with the cards being bank-issued, fraud-protected, and FDIC-insured.

Series creator Kirkman is pretty excited:

Having The Walking Dead art on these credit cards will be an exciting way for fans to incorporate the series’ art into their daily lives.

So there you have it. You may not be able to shoot a crossbow, but you can certainly look like a zombie-killing badass (or at least a purveyor of good taste) while running up your credit card bill.

The Walking Dead Season 4 will premiere in October on AMC.

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