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Will Wharton

Just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the last month, I'll catch you up. Moviepilot users came out in their 100s of 1000s to vote for who they wanted to be the next Batman and after 14 rounds of blistering competition: the people's champion emerged!

You voted and the man you want to see don the cowl next is:

Mr. !

You might remember him as Bones the grouchy chief medical officer aboard the Starship Enterprise and as Judge Dredd the brutal arm of the law in last year's Dredd. Urban has come into his own in recent years as a dominating presence in the world of adult cinema and as such a perfect candidate for the next Dark Knight.

You can check out the fierce competition here.

We we're delighted by the sheer enthusiasm that greeted our first fantasy casting, so clearly... it's time for the next one!

We want to know from you - who shall we cast next?


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