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Brian Salisbury

There are as many zombie films in existence as there are typically zombies in a given zombie film. Did that make sense? No? Ok. However, the best zombie films are those with something to say; the ones that are satirizing or straight-up criticizing some facet of society. Romero took shots at consumerism and Boyle had some rather biting things to say about the military complex.

If the first trailer is any indication, we may be able to add French zombie flick Goal of the Dead to that mix. The film centers on the French Olympic soccer team who happen to be in a small town playing an exhibition game when the z-pocalypse occurs. Of course, the trailer is in French, so it's hard to tell for certain, but the fact that the undead outbreak is immediately preceded by players being injected, I feel like the film is commenting on the total corruption of the purity of competition. It also seems a natural parallel is being drawn between assimilation and sports fandom.

In any event, I'm interested. What do you guys think?


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