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Mark Newton

Winter might be coming, but things are certainly starting to heat up for Game of Thrones. It seems like every day we get a brand new behind the scenes video. Last time we heard about how the books were adapted for the show, and now we've been officially invited to the set. Check out the new behind the scenes video below:

(via Game Of Thrones Youtube)

Readers of George R.R. Martin's A Storm of Swords, from which part of Season 3 is based, will no doubt recognize some exciting forthcoming scenes. We get to see, for the first time, The Unsullied in action, while 's allusions to bold scenes, and 's claim that "we kill a lot of characters" can only refer to one specific scene, right? We all know what one it is...

Game Of Thrones returns to HBO March 31. We've been getting a lot of Game Of Throne goodies recently, so make sure to [[follow]] the series to get them just as soon as we do.


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