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Synopsis ​

A family gathering is suddenly interrupted by a group of masked assailants who break into the house and start murdering the guests.

Horror-on-Screen Review (by Raoul):​

You're Next is a home invasion/survival film in the vein of Funny Games, The Strangers or again The Last House on the Left. As usual in this film’s genre, you'll find here the typical bunch of people being assaulted by strangers in a remote house. In that You're Next brings no novelty, but does a great job at delivering the tension and suspense associated with this specific genre of horror. Where the film truly excels is in the addition of some really clever elements of crime and comedy to the genre, making it really unique. The film does a fantastic job at giving true/false hints about who could be involved in the invasion; and you really spend an hour wondering if it’s true, and who could it be, just like it is in these great Italian giallos. Second, the film starts with a serious tone, then gradually and subtly incorporates comedy elements. Towards the end it is hilarious, but never overrated or absurd, keeping the film on the horror track at all time.

There is also great deal of violence in the film, and gore-hounds will find their lot of brutal kills. The main actress, and the character she plays, also needs to be mentioned for she is, at the image of the movie, a real bad-ass!
While being truly unique and innovative, You're Next remains true to the home invasion genre. The balance between horror, crime and comedy is perfect. A great surprise and amongst the best films of 2013 so far.


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