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I was wandering around the streets of my home city yesterday when I saw a poster informing me all emergency services would be suspended to make way for The Purge. At first I thought, "What a cool, alternative way to market a movie", then I thought, "What about if some terrified old woman sees this and takes it literally"?

It turns out The Purge isn't the only home invasion movie which is making use of creative viral marketing techniques. Upcoming masked-murderer-horror You're Next is also using some inventive ways to advertise their movie. Check out the trailer below, then take a look at some familiar movie posters which have been invaded by the You're Next killers:


To spread the word, the marketing team behind You're Next have hijacked the posters of some of Liongate's more recent comedy movies. As well as the usual stomach-churning images that adorn these frothy flicks, we also see a life-size reflection of the animal-faced maniacs. Take a look below:

Do these posters leave you feeling a little sheepish? It certainly would be extremely creepy to stumble upon one of them while walking home at night. Although to be honest, the concept of a movie is always pretty horrifying.

As well as these viral posters, You're Next also has some more traditional ones. Take a look below:

But the You're Next team didn't leave it at posters. Oh no. They're also the latest gang to jump aboard the street art advertising band wagon. The originally rebellious art form has been increasingly appropriated by corporations to sell their various goods. It seems You're Next is no exception. Check out this You're Next graffiti advertisement:

What do you think? Have these dastardly smart viral campaigns persuaded you to see You're Next when it premieres on August 23rd? Let me know below.


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