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Director 's You're Next is quickly shaping up to be one of the surprise upcoming horror hits this year. While 's highly engaging spook feature The Conjuring plays off of the paranormal craze over the past few years, You're Next goes back to down and dirty slasher basics, which the film's new UK poster (above) has decided to highlight.

The positive buzz is palpable, especially for a genre which now really is only able to stand out through rare innovation. The movie is apparently a lot funnier than the synopsis and trailer, which you can see below (via Joblo and Movieclips):

The Davison family comes under attack from a terrifying group of sadistic murderers during a family reunion getaway. Barricaded in their secluded vacation home, they fight off a barrage of axes, crossbows, and machetes from both inside and outside the house. However, the masked killers didn't count on Erin (Vinson), the young girlfriend of the eldest Davison son whose mysterious past has made her very difficult to kill.


Horror fans, are you guys looking forward to this? Let me know you're favorite slashers in the comments below and whether or not you think this will stack up.

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