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There are times I love living in Europe. And then there are those other times I wish I lived in... Austin, TX? Yeah. I know. But I'm having one of those moments right now. Not only do they generally have a banging music and film scene, but there's an art show happening pegged to the glory that is Tales From The Crypt. If you happen to live in Austin, you should hightail it to the Mondo Gallery between October 25 through November 23. Here's a statement about the show from Mondo's CEO, Justin Ishmael:

I care about EC Comics very much. Even though I wasn’t around when it was originally published, the HBO ‘Tales From The Crypt’ was an amazing intro into a demented world of darkly comedic horror stories and vivid artwork. EC Comics’ editor Bill Gaines is one of my heroes and it’s so incredibly exciting to combine his creations with thirty something artists that are also fans of that era.

The roster of artists includes: Angryblue, Jacob Bannon, Florian Bertmer, Mike Budai, Jack Davis, Luke Drozd, Jason Edmiston, Graham Erwin, James Flames, Francesco Francavilla, Ken Garduno, Michael Hacker, Shane Hillman, Brandon Holt, Alex R. Kirzhner, Shawn K. Knight, Kraken, Jeff Lemire, Drew Millward, Chris Mooneyham, Phantom City Creative, Ed Piskor, Ghoulish Gary Pullin, Jim Rugg, Neal Russler, Scarecrowoven, Eric Skillman, William Stout, Ken Taylor, Ash Thorp, Mark Todd, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Bruce White, and Christ Wright.


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