ByBobby Burns, writer at
Bobby Burns

Have you ever wondered what really made Elsa come home to Arendelle? Are you curious as to why Hans seemed to turn from Anna so suddenly? I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but according to this video it just might have something to do with blankets.

Inspired by the absurdity found in all forms of media, two creators have launched a new satirical series that takes a story and twists it on its figurative head. “What Literally Happened” goes through the movies you love (and love to hate) to highlight the wonderful nuances we all overlook when we’re too busy focusing on the actual “story.”

When Frozen premiered, it became an instant classic, inspiring little girls everywhere to “Let it Go” and be themselves. Is that really what it was doing? Are we so sure it wasn’t promoting self-harm or glorifying schizophrenia? It all really depends on your perspective. So go ahead and take a few minutes to look at this adorable story in a slightly different way. Hopefully, you’ll get a few laughs — I know I did.


So, which do you think upset Hans more?


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