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Before Disney force-choked LucasArts last April, lopping off the beloved gaming arm of LucasFilm and dispersing its talented team (see: laying everyone off), they were working on two interesting titles.

The first was Star Wars: First Assault, a game rumored to be similar to 2004's well-liked Star Wars: Battlefront. The second, a grand departure from anything in the Star Wars Universe to date; a violent, gritty visit to the dark world of bounty hunters.

Star Wars 1313 was a Boba Fett-helmed story, far beneath the shiny veneer of Coruscant, the city planet that at times in its history served as capital of the Old and New Republics, and the Galactic Empire.

Boba Fett collecting bounties, battling his fellow bounty hunters and mercenaries, and being an all-around badass? It appears LucasArts might have had an instant classic on their hands before Disney pulled the plug. Sadly, Star Wars 1313 is no more, but we do have concept artist Gustavo Mendonca's beautiful concept art to salve our wounds with some visual bacta.

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