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(Warning: The following contains fairly substantial plot SPOILERS for the upcoming winter premiere of DC's 'Legends of Tomorrow,' albeit ones that the show's producers are happy for us all to know. Proceed with whatever level of caution your time-traveling on-board computer suggests to you is wise.)

Now, 's may have already taken its ragtag team to some unusual places — and times — but it seems that the show may just have found an even more peculiar destination with which to kick off the second half of its second season: 1967 Los Angeles. What's more, it seems that the gang is set to take on just about as strange a case as we're ever likely to see on the show.

A Young George Lucas Is Heading To DC's 'Legends Of Tomorrow,' It Seems

'Scream Awards 2011' [Credit: Spike TV]
'Scream Awards 2011' [Credit: Spike TV]

And, from the sounds of Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim's recent comments to EW, it seems that is going to be in need of a whole lot of help. As Guggenheim put it:

"Because of circumstances, the time aberration in episode 209 is George Lucas quits film school... As a result, he never makes Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark. As a result, Ray [Brandon Routh], who became an engineer because of Star Wars, and Nate [Nick Zano], who became a historian because of Raiders, slowly start to lose their brilliance, because those things that inspired them to become who they are didn’t exist."

All of which, it seems, will be the result of a certain 's current whereabouts turning out to have been in that very same era — and of his employment as a film director.

The solution, though, might not be quite as straightforward as smacking George Lucas around the head with a stuffed Ewok until he agrees to keep making movies. After all, as Guggenheim also noted, the episode is going to be seriously, seriously zany:

"We were watching a cut of it, and I said to Greg [Berlanti] that 209 is either going to be the episode where we’ll say that the show found a new gear in terms of how zany it can be, or it’s the episode that’s going to get us all fired... It really is. You’re laughing out loud, I think with it, but it’s like, ‘Are we really doing this?’ It’s the ’70s bar fight on steroids. The whole episode is that level of crazy."

Which sounds great and all, but here's hoping the creative team doesn't get fired. Even an appearance from a junior George Lucas — as played by Grimm's Matt Angel — isn't worth that.

We'll get to find out for ourselves just how zany the episode is — and whether or not it'll prompt any layoffs — when it hits our screens on Tuesday, January 24, on .

Still want more on Legends of Tomorrow, and its immediate future? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, though, what do you think? How will a young George Lucas's appearance on Legends of Tomorrow play out? Let us know below!



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