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The wait for Young Justice: Outsiders will be over just as soon as DC Entertainment launches its very own streaming service in 2018. While we wait, DC All Access has the latest news on what we can expect in Young Justice Season 3.

At this year's SDCC Young Justice creators Phil Bourassa, Brandon Vietti, and Greg Weismann revealed that Season 3 will feature a number of the elements that made the first two seasons so enjoyable. My personal favorites happened to be the five-year time skip from the first to the second season.

The second season saw a number of changes in the team and the Justice League in a storyline that involved an alien invasion. We can expect more of the same next year. Bourassa, when speaking with DC All Access, confirmed that there would be another time jump in Season 3: Outsiders.

"There will be a bit of a time jump, can't reveal right now how long it is, but in keeping with the tradition there will be some time that has passed."

With every time jump comes a major shakeup. This time isn't any different — the young members of the team grew up and (hopefully) matured into leaders. Weisman, discussed that the old members are "a little bit older a little bit more experienced and little bit wiser." You'd hope so, since they'll have to lead newcomers Arrowette, Spoiler, Thirteen and more. Among the many returning faces are: Beast Boy, Red Arrow, Wonder Girl, Robin (Tim Drake), Static Shock, Flash (Bart Allen) and Blue Beatle.

This season will also see a return of some familiar foes lead by the Big Bad immortal, Vandal Savage, and the many evil doers of The Light. As far as the story goes — much of it has been kept quiet, but Brandon Vietti said the natural evolution for is "metahuman trafficking."

"Metahuman trafficking will be the next issue for our heroes to deal with. I feel like that is the next logical step in this story from our first two seasons."

The creators made sure to thank fans for keeping the Young Justice dream alive. You can check the first two season out on Blu-ray. You can check out the entire DC All Access clip below.

Which hero are you most excited to see in Young Justice Season 3?


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