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Over the last 10 years, Sheldon Cooper has won our hearts time and again on The Big Bang Theory. You can never have enough of him, and that's why the showrunners joined forces with Jim Parsons to develop a spin-off series, Young Sheldon, based on Sheldon Cooper's early years growing up in Texas.

The trailer for looked very promising and got the entire fanbase of The Big Bang Theory excited for the new spin-off series — which has a hidden secret that went unnoticed by the biggest of fans even after watching the trailer.

We might not have seen Sheldon Cooper's father, George Cooper Sr., on The Big Bang Theory, as Sheldon was only 14 when his dad passed away. However, the actor who plays Sheldon's father in Young Sheldon has already appeared on The Big Bang Theory.

Lance Barber, who plays Sheldon's father in Young Sheldon, made a guest appearance in a Season 5 episode titled "The Speckerman Recurrence." He played Jimmy Speckerman, Leonard's bully from high school.

Lance Barber as Jimmy Speckerman in 'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: CBS]
Lance Barber as Jimmy Speckerman in 'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: CBS]

For old faithfuls of the The Big Bang Theory, this wouldn't be much of a big deal. However, in the future, if someone starts watching The Big Bang Theory after watching Young Sheldon, it would make them wonder why Sheldon never realized that Jimmy Speckerman looked exactly like his father.

Starting next season, we are going to get one hour of Sheldon Cooper on TV, every week and we couldn't be more excited. The Big Bang Theory will kick things off on Thursdays and will be followed by Young Sheldon immediately after.

Did you notice that Sheldon's father from Young Sheldon appeared on The Big Bang Theory? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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