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Young Sheldon, the prequel to The Big Bang Theory, recently found its lead actor — Iain Armitage from Big Little Lies — to play a young version of the socially awkward Dr. Sheldon Cooper, made famous by Jim Parsons. And on Monday, CBS officially green-lit it for next season.

Fans are getting excited (and a little anxious) to discover what made the physicist the uptight, overexcitable man that he is.

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Though the hit comedy is well into its tenth season, there is still much we don't know about Dr. Cooper, and we're hoping this new series will answer some of these burning questions.

1. Was Sheldon Close With His Father?

We know that Sheldon's father has passed away and that his parents fought a lot, but we don't really know what type of relationship he had with his father. Though it has been mentioned that George Cooper (Sheldon's father) wasn't around often, due to his fondness for alcohol, it will be interesting to see how his father handles a child prodigy.

We know that Mr. Cooper forced his son to watch football and wanted him to drink beer after graduation, but was there a connection between the two? Or were they so far apart intellectually they couldn't be close?

2. How Did Soft Kitty Begin?

This is Sheldon's comfort song when he's sick, but how did it all begin? While this may not be the most burning of questions, we'd still like to know what caused this song to be Sheldon's security blanket, considering he's a genius who doesn't have a lot of patience for social convention.

Sheldon doesn't have faith in anything but science, but he can be comforted by a nonsensical song. Seeing how this ritual came to be would give us a peek into the mind of the young doctor. (Of course, it might not end up being a place we want to stay for very long.)

3. Was He Really Tested?

There are GIFs aplenty about Sheldon's emphatic declaration that his mother had him tested. If it really happened, can we watch? Seriously, the idea of a young Sheldon going head-to-head with a psychiatrist would be something to see. And beyond that, what other type of testing was Sheldon subjected to because he's so brilliant?

With his level of intelligence, Sheldon most likely aced every exam given, so it makes one wonder what his teachers could actually teach him.

4. How Is His Sister So Well-Adjusted?

Sheldon has driven his friends mad for years, but his family had to live with him 24/7. So how are they relatively sane, especially Sheldon's sister?

When his twin came to visit, she was funny, loving and it was clear she had a connection to her brother. How is it that she is still gentle with Sheldon, but his friends battle the urge to smother him several times a day? It seems like she wants to be around him — which is, quite frankly, mystifying. I'm looking forward to learning more about their relationship!

Hopefully, the Young Sheldon series will have as much longevity as The Big Bang Theory, and we'll get the opportunity to learn more about the child genius that grew into a weirdly lovable man.

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