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There's great news for The Big Bang Theory fans to come out of the recent round of network upfronts: Starting in November, there'll be a double dose of everyone's favorite nerd Sheldon Cooper every Thursday, with The Big Bang Theory and upcoming prequel Young Sheldon airing back-to-back!

The aptly-named Bazinga Block is set to start on CBS once Thursday Night Football comes to an end, though Young Sheldon will also receive a special premiere on September 25th. Check out the newly released first look trailer for Young Sheldon below:

That emotional father/son moment at the end though!

But while we can expect an hour chock full of Sheldon Cooper in the Bazinga Block, as the trailer above might indicate, will be a very different vibe from . Young Sheldon is set in East Texas back in 1989, and CBS have explained that the series will be something more akin to classics such as Doogie Howser or The Wonder Years, focusing solely on the life of 9-year-old Sheldon as he embarks on the new journey through high school, rather than all the Big Bang characters as children.

Young Sheldon stars Big Little Lies actor Iain Armitage in the role of the young genius, and is joined by Zoe Perry as Sheldon's mom, Mary, and Lance Barber as Sheldon's dad, George Cooper Sr.

And although a prequel series is starting out, CBS are still hoping parent show, The Big Bang Theory, will have major longevity. While the show currently has a two-season renewal to bring it through to a twelfth season, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves has stated that they hope it "goes on beyond that," though adds that no promises can be made about the future of the series at this stage.

Indeed the future of The Big Bang Theory already looked shaky earlier in the year before its eventual two season renewal. The show will be going into a crucial moment when Season 11 begins, with the Season 10 finale certainly ending on a big bang after Sheldon flew to New Jersey and proposed to Amy.

Are you excited for The Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon back-to-back?


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