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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Potter fans love to see what the cast of Harry Potter is up to these days, and if the cute kids have grown up into foxy dudes that are easy on the eye, so much the better! Check out what Benedict Clarke a.k.a. young Severus Snape is rocking right about now:

As well as being a memorable actor, Clarke is also a super nice dude. Look at the cute reply he gave to a fan on Tumblr asking him how he got the role:

"I guess [the filmmaking team] just liked my awkwardness. (laughs) At the first audition, I was going for either young Snape or young James. It wasn't until I was recalled to audition in front of David Yates at Leavesden that I was told I'd be auditioning for the role of young Snape. And being a Harry Potter nerd, my description of Snape's character was pretty good. My acting on the other hand..."

Benedict Clarke, then and now. Image: WB / Instagram
Benedict Clarke, then and now. Image: WB / Instagram

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Source: Instagram, WB, Tumblr


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