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I imagine True Blood star 's life is an annoying one, what with the random panties constantly hitting him in the face as he walks down the street and it being hard to move with yet another strange woman clinging desperately to his leg screaming, "Alexander, we're meant to be together!"

On second thought, assuming he's straight, that must be the most awesome life ever.

Skarsgard is currently doing the press rounds for upcoming film What Maisie Knew, an update of the classic Henry James novel. In it, Skarsgard plays Lincoln, a normal, blue-collar guy who marries bitter, ex-rockstar Susanna, played by the always great . Lincoln doesn't realize he's just an unsuspecting pawn in her custody battle for daughter Maisie. Susanna doesn't want her, but she doesn't want her ex () to have her, either. Through the process, Lincoln grows to love Maisie as she helps him to grow into a better man. It was this fatherhood aspect that most excited Skarsgard about the role:

What got me excited was there's a sweetness I was drawn to.

I love how he's being stuck with this kid and falls in love with her. Lincoln's someone who doesn't take care of himself or anyone else, and Maisie takes care of Lincoln and he grows in the process.

[James' novel was written] as a reaction to what was going on with capitalism and industrialization as people were becoming more focused on their careers and neglected their kids.

To set it in modern-day New York ā€” it's interesting how relevant the novel still feels. You see that so much today, where parents will let the PlayStation or television or computer raise their kids.

I love kids, I want to have kids. I come from a very big household and dad has two young boys with his new wife. Growing up, my cousins lived in the same house and there were six of us, so that's what Iā€™m used to.

So...Alexander, you want to have kids and be a good dad, you say? Listen closely, everyone, for that sound you hear is the noise of a million women going, "SQUEEEEEEEEE" at the same time.

Just to give you a visual, here are some new pics of the actor heading to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for press stuff. Plenty of opportunity to Photoshop them with a kid in his arms as you see fit, insane fangirls. Have at it:

I mean, I guess if he asked me to help him out with this and everything, I'd do it. You know, for the kids. I'm a giver like that. I guess.


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